Getting ready for the summer!


Remember we have daily photos on Facebook and Tumblr.


ArtPrize went well this year.  If anyone has interest the canvases featured are still available.

Tonight's goal was to get the gallery back on track.  For the most part that is accomplished as I type this.  The last gallery is loading in right now.  The next steps will be to to a general update to everything.  It has been ages since I've sorted my pictures for "keepers".  

Tore the site down tonight for a complete ground up revamp.  Couple reasons for this but one of the main was the site was running on an old platform that is not able to be updated any longer.  Because of this it had become a security risk.  Hopefully with being back on the current page I can get back up and running with a smoother gallery and perhaps even a working version of the web store.  I know I'm getting ahead of myself here making such lofty claims.


See more of everyone soon.