This weekend is Paw Paw's Wine and Harvest Festival.  I will be in the crafter's area all weekend but there is a lot to see and do as well.  The car show and snack booths are also great highlights to enjoy.


Hope to see everyone there.  As always I've got some new surprises made up for this year's booth.

ArtPrize 2016 is almost complete!

I have prints!  All 10 canvases are here and ready.  The display has been constructed.  It has since been deconstructed and painted.  I just have to iron the screen and that will be ready for Sunday's installation.

I have a venue!  ArtPrize starts on September 22nd but I will be at 161 Ottawa NW (Homewood Suites by Hilton Grand Rapids Downtown & Jam'n Bean Coffee Company at the Waters Center)  on the 18th for set-up.


There are a couple more odds and ends to secure but for the most part is project is ready to go!  Thank you to all the drive ins this summer.

I have a venue!


 I will be at Homewood Suites by Hilton Grand Rapids Downtown & Jam'n Bean Coffee Company at the Waters Center.   Hopefully I will see everyone there this fall.

It took much of the summer but finally I can say that we have been to all the theaters.  The pictures are all collected and now I move on to the homestretch.  Tonight I will be editing them and getting them ready for printing.  If all goes well perhaps I will even get them sent out tonight.

This year I will again be at Art Prize.  I will update as I know more (like venue and dates) but for now I'm in the planning stages.  My work this year will be called "By the Light of the Stars" and will feature the neon art of long ago that each year we seem to have fewer, the drive in theaters.  Michigan has more left than what I would have expected with our shorter warm season.


Below is my progress report on this project:

Drive In City   Status
Drive In At Compuware Sports Arena Plymouth    Captured
Danny Boy's Ionia    Captured
Capri Coldwater    Captured (Permission)
Cherry Bowl Honor    Captured
Five Mile Dowagiac    Captured
Ford Dearborn    Captured
Getty Muskegon   Captured (Permission)
Hi Way Carsonville    Captured
Sunset Hartford    Captured
US-23 Flint   Captured (Permission)